Portrait painting is another specialty of Wedding Day Painter. A portrait can be done before the wedding, where it can be put on display at the wedding, or done afterward, when a special moment has been captured with a photograph. Typically scenes for a portrait grouping will take longer to complete due to the level of detail put into the painting and are priced to reflect that.

When considering how many people to have in a portrait, time and expense needs to be considered, but Wedding Day Painter would consider any size and any number of persons to be included. If you wanted a group portrait from any gathering, depending on complexity and size, the final product could take up to three months for delivery.

Portraits may require a sitting to capture a quality photo to work from, or if you have your own photo, that could be utilized if the quality is sufficient. Subjects for portraits can include loved ones, which would include your pets, groups of friends or family members, or people whi have passed. A portrait painting is different from a photograph whereas it takes on a life of it's own. It lives and breathes of it's own accord and will be a focal point in your home wherever you may place it!