Yen P

When planning my wedding I knew I wanted to have extra little touch to make my special day even more memorable. I went online and discovered Peter of Wedding Day Painter and immediately contacted him after seeing his work. I wanted to know how the process worked and what would my painting look like in the end. Peter was very prompt with replies and explained everything very clearly. The day of my wedding I actually never got to meet Peter , but had heard from everyone how neat it was to have someone live paint the wedding. After a couple of weeks the painting was finally done. I was nervous to see the final piece would look like and to see what part of the wedding would be depicted. As soon as I got the picture from Peter , I was in awe of how beautiful it turned out! He painted all the details of my wedding that I worked so hard to plan from the wedding dress, to the floral decorations, he didn’t miss a single detail! I also loved how my family members were part of the painting and how realistic everyone was depicted. My husband and I cannot wait to frame our painting to everyone to see. Having Peter live paint our wedding was one of the best decisions I made! Can’t stop looking at our painting!