Create a family heirloom that will be enjoyed for generations to come!


Watch as a painting evolves over the course of your event, creating an added enjoyment for you and your guests. Have this unique opportunity to watch a fine artist create a stunning memento that celebrates and records for all time your special occasion."


If you would like to commission a portrait of the bride and groom, a sitting can be done before the wedding allowing for the painting to be displayed at the reception. A photo shoot would be arranged after which Peter would work from photos obtained. Portrait paintings are much more detailed paintings than a live event painting done at the ceremony or reception. Have a special group of friends you would like to capture stunning likenesses of?

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Before the event, I will discuss with the couple their idea for the painting, if there is a specific moment they would like to capture, or specific people they want to see in the painting. This can be done by phone or email. I will arrive early on the day. Before guests arrive I will set up and start laying out the background elements of the setting. So by the time the guests arrive, they can already see the painting developing.

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A few memorial photos of us.


  • Using Peter was an excellent decision. He was very professionaland the painting he did came out great! We have absoluely nothing negative to say. If ...
    − Adam Scovill −

    This was the best decision we made for our wedding day. The painting came out looking stunning and we were amazed by the detail, you could really see who ...
    − Elsie −

    There is no way for me to describe and express the incredible talent and attention to detail that Peter captured at my son and daughter first communion ...
    -Yajaira Mejia-

    Amazing!!! Amazing. Pete not only does weddings, he did my son and daughter first communion party athe Mercer Oaks Gulf Club!!! When my wife first approached ...
    − Jose L. Aleman −

    I absolutely love the live painting of our first dance. Pete was so great to work with, quick to respond and followed through with everything he promised ...
    − Jill Swirsky −

    My husband and I were both so excited with how wonderful the painting turned out! Pete did so well that we were able to recognize each individual person ...
    − Brittany Crippen −